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In February of 2000 our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Allan Marsden, and Our Chief Operations Officer (COO), Dr.  Lorenzo B. Clemons,  Had the vision to improve the quality of life for individuals who are intellectual disability. While there are many companies that provide similar services for the intellectually disabled community, specialized training and development initiatives were lacking to improve the overall quality of life for these individuals.


The objective was to establish a company that would equip citizens who are intellectual to disable to be as independent as possible with society. The initial company was a partnership and was called "Saving Grace", which was a single program that offered respite care. In February of 2001, Saving Grace was dissolved and Community Services of Virginia, Inc. emerged as a corporation.


From its inception Community Services of Virginia, Inc. has received immediate public acceptance as a progressive and quality care focused organization. We are well respected at the federal and state levels and are known for our commitment to our client's care and excellence. As our organization progresses onward towards our future goals we are to implement a work Program for would clients as well as a residential Children's Program. We know that our past success and achievements are just the beginning of its ability to impact this field.

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